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About 4th Ave Parkhurst

They say the only constant is change, and the hustle bustle of Parkhurst's 4th Avenue is no exception. Parkhurst was developed as a suburb in 1904 , but it wasn't until 1938 that a couple of shops sprung up. In the 70's Parkhurst got its first antique store and other followed suit until it was dubbed Antique alley. The first coffee shop opened in the mid 90's and from there we saw yet another transformation. It was one of the first suburban high streets to offer street side Café dinning. As Parkhurst restaurant culture grew some of the antique shops closed down.

Today Pankhurst offers a glamorous mix of Couture, interior design and dinning. Whether it's the antique shops, multitude of different high street stores or the plethora of eateries in between, the only thing that stays the same is the dynamism of Parkhurst's main drag. 4th Avenue has an ambience like no other and with South Africa's ever-popular mall culture, this high street offers customers from near and far a safe and refreshing break.

Whatever your taste or requirement, Parkhurst's 4th Avenue has something for you!

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